On-Demand Webinar:

Why Reputation Matters

A Conversation with
Red Wing Shoes


Featuring Dave Schneider
Chief Marketing Officer
Red Wing Shoes

In today's "feedback economy," the experiences people
have with your brand throughout the entire customer
journey—online and onsite—have a direct impact on
future revenue.

Watch this on-demand webinar from Google Cloud and to learn actionable insights from real-world examples.

Join industry expert Michael Tarter, Director, Retail Strategy at, for a conversation with Dave Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer at Red Wing Shoes, on why reputation and experience management is critically important to retailers.

Michael and Dave's discussion will cover topics important to retailers today, including:

  • How to listen to feedback from customers and employees and take action on their insights
  • The impact that online reputation has on customer acquisition and retention
  • How to win in the feedback economy

About the experts
Michael Tarter, Director, Retail Strategy,
Dave Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer, Red Wing Shoes